Update: September Edition

It’s been a couple of weeks now since my last post, and I honestly have no idea where the time went! September feels like it has come and gone so fast, I have barely had any time to catch my breathe.

There has been a lot of changes and self-reflections over these past couple of weeks, even the last couple of days. I thought that the best way to collect my thoughts would be to write and let you in on what I have been up to 🙂

First and foremost, a HUGE reason to why I have been slacking on posting any new content on my personal website is because I am now blogging / writing for two other companies! It’s a very exciting time and I am super happy to finally be recognized to do something more creative. Although it isn’t as personal as what you will find here, I like this variety because I now have the opportunity to showcase different styles of writing – both on a professional and personal level.

So if you’ve been keeping up with my past posts, you’ll know that I am also back at full time school for the semester – IN ADDITION to working two part-time jobs / internships. Nevertheless, I have absolutely no regrets and am super motivated to succeed in all that I am doing right now.

How am I managing? Why do I do it?

Trust me – I am no magical creature. Like you, I do not have an infinite amount of time to be doing every single thing in one day. That is where time management, prioritizing, and my overall self-evaluation comes in. I have come to realize my true prioritizes at this particular place in my life. The reason I say true is because although we want to do it all and have our hands in every single thing, you can’t. I’ll be straight about it – it just can’t be done. You may WANT to do something, but is that really what you NEED right now? Once you separate the two, you realize that the stress and pressure is not as overwhelming. You will automatically be better at time management because you are only focusing on your ACTUAL priorities (at that time).

The reason I do all that I do is simple – I am super committed and driven by things I am passionate about. I do not like to fail or give up; once that wheel gets spinning, I’m gone. I am never satisfied sitting still or ever want to depend on other people / uncontrollable factors to dictate my life.

So here I am, at the end of the September – looking forward and not back.

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