Travel Diaries: LONDON

SURPRISE! I had one more trip booked this summer and it was to LONDON! I have never been there before and it was everything and more than I had hoped for.

Travel Diaries: Las Vegas (Work) Edition

“I just got back from Las Vegas…I was working.” The look on everyone’s face when I tell them that is instant judgement and nervous laughter. Working in Las Vegas doing what…? Some people really have to get their head’s out of the gutter – but I love it.

West Coast Story: Day 15

Oh boy, did this past week just fly by! Last time I touched this travel diary, I was on my way to the sunny west cost of Mexico. Now where I am? Sitting at my kitchen table reminiscing about the past week and thinking about ways to prolong this tan…

West Coast Story: Day 6

Time is just flying by! Once again, I find myself writing this post on a plane – this time headed south to Mexico 🙂 SURPRISE!

West Coast Story: Day 1

Well, this day started off well. I would not recommend going out the night before anything important…oops! I am currently sitting on a plane, flying across the country, running on 2 hours of sleep, and regrettably munching on overpriced airport food – but what else is new?

Field Trip

Imagine running on 5 hours of sleep over the course of 3 days….oh wait, that was me this week. I still do not think I have fully recovered, but I’m pushing through.