A Guide To Surviving 7 University Courses and 2 Internships

Let me start off by warning you that this lifestyle choice is most definitely not for everyone. As a matter of fact, it’s not really great for myself either, but here I am. Attempting to write a guide for the curious and ambitious.

Stick To What You Love

I wish I had a better excuse for my absence on my blog. But I really don’t. I’ll admit that my time management hasn’t lived up to my expectations this semester – just a couple of weeks ago I took an UBER to class because of my inability to wake up to my first 8 alarms…

Old Notes, Same Opinion

We’re all human, and it’s true – how ever you may interpret this. We all have emotions and feelings. In fact, we all get emotionally attached and feel things in certain situations. Obvious? Yes. Do we always accept this? No.

Update: September Edition

It’s been a couple of weeks now since my last post, and I honestly have no idea where the time went! September feels like it has come and gone so fast, I have barely had any time to catch my breathe. There has been a lot of changes and self-reflections over these past couple of…

Back 2 School

September marks a bittersweet realization to all students. It all starts with that first advertisement you see online for “Back to School Specials” – it’s that instant reminder that patios are closing, days are getting shorter, and it’s time to pull out your chunky sweaters.

Travel Diaries: Las Vegas (Work) Edition

“I just got back from Las Vegas…I was working.” The look on everyone’s face when I tell them that is instant judgement and nervous laughter. Working in Las Vegas doing what…? Some people really have to get their head’s out of the gutter – but I love it.