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Born in the West Coast and currently exploring the VIEWS from the SIX. Over the past few years, nothing has been anything as I imagined or expected. As an attempt to capture and live in the moment, It’s Not Uy It’s Me, was born! There are so many memories and discoveries to share, I knew it had to be documented, not only for myself, but to share.

I started this blog Summer 2015. I quickly realized that I underestimated my abilities and took on much more than I could handle at the time. It has been over a year since this blog officially launched; so much has changed both for myself mentally and what I see as possible opportunities in the future. I have re-evaluated my goals and ambitions, and hope to share this process with you.

My love for what I do and how I feel cannot be summed up in a few mere paragraphs. My style is minimalistic, versatile, and occasionally outspoken. Am I talking about fashion or my personality? I guess you’ll find out!

My passions lie in fashion, travel, social media, fitness, and branding! Basically the definition of all millennials trying to make a name for themselves in this highly digital world. My goal is to provide a unique perspective on current trends, style inspiration, and my fitness journey. I want to empower women to be true to who they are while hoping to find myself in the process. I hope that I can inspire you to find your niche or purpose in the world, no matter where your interests lie!

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