Living in Your Head

One of the most challenging things I am still coping with (mentally) is fixating and stressing out about things I cannot control. I find myself getting lost in my own thoughts, made up scenarios, and end up psyching myself in + out of reality. I call this mild anxiety.

A Series: Dating at 21 (Pt. 3)

Part 3: Being Single I’m not here to lecture you about “How to be Single”, because I seriously don’t even know myself. I mean, I know what makes me happy and what doesn’t – but is that the same thing? Maybe.

A Series: Dating at 21 (Pt. 2)

Part 2: Breaking Up Sucks Have you ever stubbed your toe on the corner of a table? Do you remember that instant pain, a sudden expression of rage on your face, and then you taking the time to soften the blow by rubbing that toe? Well, that pretty much sums up a break up.

A Series: Dating at 21 (Pt. 1)

Part 1: Discover You I am probably not the best person to be giving advice about dating or relationships for that matter, but I tell myself I’m not THAT bad. Let me elaborate…

Happy 1 Year Anniversary (kind of)

Congratulations (!?) While I was travelling, I received a notification on my phone, informing me that it was exactly 1 year since I launched my blog! A couple weeks have now passed, and the recognition of such milestone still has yet to sink in.

How are you feeling today?

They ask, “How are you feeling today?” We answer, “Not bad, just tired.” As if it has been embedded into our vocabulary…fatigue is the new norm.