How are you feeling today?

They ask, “How are you feeling today?” We answer, “Not bad, just tired.” As if it has been embedded into our vocabulary…fatigue is the new norm.

the PERFECT content

“Everyone is so worried about putting out the perfect content.” – Gary Vaynerchuck. Recently, this is something I saw on one of Gary’s snapchat stories and is the true inspiration for this post. WHY NOT JUST PUT IT OUT THERE?

Ready, Set…Wait

It only makes sense that I start from the beginning. Imagine yourself back in August 2013. What were you doing? I was packing up my (6) bags filled with clothes I would never wear, shoes that were not made for Ontario winters, and a newfound confidence that something amazing was about to happen.


Standing at a crossroads, I took the leap and here I am. You would not believe how many times I have found myself in this situation in the past 3 years, let alone last 6 months.

1, 2 step

This misalignment between expectation and reality has been given to us since childhood. We are pushed and taught the proper way of living, following a specific timeline of the stages in life. But does this standard set us up for automatic failure?