Happy 1 Year Anniversary (kind of)

Congratulations (!?) While I was travelling, I received a notification on my phone, informing me that it was exactly 1 year since I launched my blog! A couple weeks have now passed, and the recognition of such milestone still has yet to sink in.

W3W: Off-The-Shoulder

This Spring / Summer season, I have realized that off-the-shoulder tops are taking over the fashion scene. It is becoming a fashion staple for any women that loves fast-fashion or wants to change up their look in a subtle way.

West Coast Story: Day 15

Oh boy, did this past week just fly by! Last time I touched this travel diary, I was on my way to the sunny west cost of Mexico. Now where I am? Sitting at my kitchen table reminiscing about the past week and thinking about ways to prolong this tan…

W3W: Crop Tops

Tis the season! As the first week of July comes to an end, Summer ’16 has officially begun. What better way to commemorate this moment then to discuss the biggest looks that just keeps on coming back no matter the season.

Make Your Move

Recently, I have came to the realization… That people are usually (including myself) projecting a certain version of themselves. So, what happens when you notice it from someone close / or so you thought was close, to you? Call them out? Ride it out?

West Coast Story: Day 6

Time is just flying by! Once again, I find myself writing this post on a plane – this time headed south to Mexico 🙂 SURPRISE!

West Coast Story: Day 1

Well, this day started off well. I would not recommend going out the night before anything important…oops! I am currently sitting on a plane, flying across the country, running on 2 hours of sleep, and regrettably munching on overpriced airport food – but what else is new?

We Want Love…We Want to be Happy

“We believe we seek happiness in love, but it’s not quite as simple. What at times it seems we actually seek is familiarity – which may well complicate any plans we might have for happiness.” (Check out the full article here). WHOA. Did you let that sink in?