New Year, New Adventures

We get it, it’s 2017. The monumental fresh start people have been craving since the tragic whirlwind of what was handed to us in 2016. Personally, I don’t believe the past year was as horrifying as the online world made it out to be. Sure, there were plenty of hiccups and unwanted moments of anxiousness, but that doesn’t mean I regret any of it.

Some call it a year of growth, others view it as a series of learning curves. However you want to phrase it, it’s a part of your life. Hate it or love it.

Society uses New Years as a way to mark a new beginning or fresh start to something that was once current and makes you believe that it’s now in the past. January 1st marks a new page of adventures and reasons to make great change with resolutions. I call bullshit. I never really understood this hype. Instead, I’ve chosen to use the celebration of a New Year to simply reevaluate my current situation and make adjustments accordingly. In fact, I do this on a frequent basis. I don’t need one day to force myself to make change – and neither should you.

So, why am I sharing these thoughts in the middle of January? I officially started a new school semester today. That’s the mark of my new year.

Accordingly to the plan I set out for myself 4 years ago, I should be graduating this May. Just like all the other peers who I finished High School with. It’s that typical story of rushing into University right after High School and 4 years later you’re walking across the stage with that glorifying piece of paper! Except, that’s not how my journey went. I’m taking an extra year, meaning I’m pushing back graduation another year.

I used to feel embarrassed and ashamed of this. I would give excuses and feel the need to share my entire story so people didn’t think I was a slow learner or failure. Why? I felt the need to prove myself to people that I wasn’t a screw-up and that I had a new plan in place.

I’m over that.

Let’s face it, life isn’t how you always expect it. As much as I want to be done this year, that’s just not the reality of it. Instead, I’m sitting here looking forward to my last semester as a FULL TIME student. Ambitiously awaiting this extremely heavy course load, because what else – but last minute I decided to minor in Professional Communications to supplement my B.Comm in Retail Management. I mean, I’ve gone this far and spent this much time in school, might as well throw in some extra credits.

But school isn’t my only reason to celebrate. New Years is when I start to daydream more of upcoming travel adventures. A year ago, I told myself that I would focus more on things that made me happy and travelling is high on that list. I don’t care when or where, but if you asked me to go on a trip I’d raise my hand! I have a couple places in mind, but nothing set in stone. The juggling of school, work, and financial funds definitely hinder my ability to fully indulge in this fantasy lifestyle – but just you wait.

Best cheap travel destinations for 2017 anyone? Please share, and maybe I’ll send you a postcard when I get there 🙂

So, maybe that’s what kept me sane in 2016. I chose to be a bit more selfish and unapologetic by choosing to focus on myself, my desires, and what makes me happy. I no longer feel tied down or restricted to a certain journey and have been inspired by a lot of new things lately. I have a fresh outlook on what is to come and can genuinely say I am excited to see what 2017 manages to throw at me.

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