My First (Baby) Tattoo

SURPRISE mom and dad, I got a tattoo.

I’m currently writing this blog on a plane back to Vancouver, just for a quick getaway for the weekend (stay tuned for this travel diary update soon). And what better way to return home after 5 months than to show up with some new body art. But in all seriousness, 3 days before I was set to fly back, I decided to get my very first tattoo.

Before you start thinking about how irrational I was or how absurd it is, I’ll let you now this has been on my mind for awhile. Maybe it’s because of my current job and industry I’m immersed in, but I’ve become increasingly attracted to the idea of getting a full sleeve done. I know that’s a HUGE process (and financial commitment) all on its own, but I’m intrigued.


This cute lil tattoo I got was actually spontaneous in regards to design. No, I haven’t been wanting this design for ages, nor have I been really craving any design in particular. Maybe that’s why I love it. The simplicity, yet accuracy of how it represents me as a person is perfect. If you know me at all, you know I have a slight shopping addiction. Not to mention, I am a brutally honest critic when it comes to style and fashion. So it’s not the most unique design, but it fits me.

So here’s to hoping my family doesn’t cringe at the tattoo, and if they do – well at least it’s on my body and no on else’s.

Do you have any cringe worthy tattoo stories or designs? Feel free to share them with me, because I’m already on the search for the next design I want… 🙂

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