Stick To What You Love

I wish I had a better excuse for my absence on my blog. But I really don’t. I’ll admit that my time management hasn’t lived up to my expectations this semester – just a couple of weeks ago I took an UBER to class because of my inability to wake up to my first 8 alarms…

In reality, my ambitions and naive mindset to situations have finally caught up to me. I’ve acknowledged my mistakes and recognize that I have some regrets, but WOW has 2016 been the most unpredictable year. It feels like it’s flying by, but is also dragging out the rough times. It seriously makes my head spin.

If there’s anything I’ve learned during this (unwanted) break from my blog is to stick to what you love. Do the things you are passionate about and immerse yourself in the environment needed to fulfill this. It’s so much easier said than done, but it truly makes a difference. You’ll be less stressed, less torn, and overall achieve better growth for yourself.

When you fall astray from this path, you end up in this mental conflict of what you THINK is right for you and what you KNOW is right. It tests your morals and values as an individual. So, is it better to do something because that’s what the norm is, or would you rather pursue the less popular path because it’s what YOU want? Pick the latter.

Although I’m the biggest hypocrite for this, don’t get caught up in your head too much. When I approach situations without over thinking it, yes – I make some rash decisions, but at the end of the day, it’s life. How are you expected to grow or develop as an individual if you’re always over-analyzing situations? So, go ahead. Find what it is you love and propel that forward! No one is stopping you, but yourself.

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