Summer ’16

This summer has been interesting to say the very least.

It is already the second week of August, meaning the upcoming Fall Semester is slowly creeping up. I remember like it was yesterday, planning my trip back home, to London, and starting my first day at a new job.

Despite all the complaints, whining, or mental breakdowns, I would not trade a single thing. It’s cheesy, but I can only take these memories and be thankful / grateful for everything.

This summer away from home was the first time I was truly free. I have always believed myself to be an independent person, but having gone through a whirlwind of (up and down) events and juggling this while living alone downtown, really pushed my limits. This summer was the first time I was seriously immersing myself in things I genuinely care about and get excited about doing every day. I did not feel confined to a certain box, to people, or lifestyle. These past few months have been solely focused on what I want to be doing and who I want to become.

It’s such a cliche, but I honestly encourage this experience to anyone. There is something so indescribable about living alone in a city with the possibilities and opportunities of youth at your fingertips. Sure, I wish that sometimes people would take me more seriously – or that I was more ahead in my career path. But I am no longer in a rush to have my life completely figured out, because I am also in no place to settle down. There was a period of my life where I truly thought that my life was headed a certain way. Only up until recently, I realized (again) that I was so wrong. Everything I had set out as “goals” at the beginning of this year have slowly become less relevant. There have been major ups and downs, well a lot of downs – but I no longer see it as an impossible obstacle. They were almost little blessings in disguise – saving me from wasting my time in the future.

There are people close in my life now that weren’t 4 months ago; there is also a handful of people that have become completely irrelevant in my life – including some of the closest to me. It’s funny how that works. You think a door is closing, but really it’s just another hallway leading to something else. Just don’t wait too long in that hallway; it gets confusing, you might get lost, second guess yourself, and at the end of the day – you’re really just prolonging the inevitable.

SO stay tuned…there are still 3.5 more weeks of summer and I have some exciting things planned that you won’t want to miss! Travel Diaries Pt. 2 (and 3) anyone? Shh… 🙂

Not bad Summer ’16, not bad.

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