W3W: Bomber Jackets

There is something super underestimated about this look.

This look is NOT just for the guys…ladies, you can rock this look and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! No more borrowing from your man’s closet, and time to invest in your very own bomber jacket.

When you think of anything involving a jacket you automatically assume Autumn is coming and run away. Think again. The bomber jacket is a nice change from the classic jean jacket or leather jacket; it can easily be carried on through various seasons.

Admittedly, I didn’t really get into the look until this past Spring. I was lucky and found a great find that was just the look I was going for. Personally, I wanted a bomber jacket that was a bit more oversized and longer in length. I should mention, that I do own a more traditional fitted one (hits at the hips and is form fitting), so the two options really adds versatility to my closet.

I strongly urge you to go out and find something that fits your needs and not get one simply because “it’s on sale” or because everyone else is wearing it. This look isn’t for everyone, but trust me when I say that it is one of the easiest jackets to throw on for (almost) ANY occasion!


Okay, so this might be a bit of a stretch – I mean, I did just say almost. But let’s imagine a scenario here. I’m sure you’ve felt chilly in the office…just sitting there in your cute summer office outfit, and all of the sudden the AC is blasting right over your desk. Well fear not – the bomber jacket is here to save you! It gets boring wearing blazers or cardigans everyday.

For this environment, definitely look for a jacket that is a lighter colour or maybe even has a pattern. This will play up any outfit without making you look like you’re wearing a huge black jacket inside. Think of it as the rebel sister jacket to the blazer or cardigan. A bit more edgy, but still oozes class.




This is where you can have fun. During the day, throw on a loud / satin jacket to seriously diversify your look. It can be cropped or oversized, whatever it may be – it’s a great piece to have in case of those chilly nights. The great thing about these jackets is that they’re usually unlined, so they’re lightweight to carry and won’t make you overheated when you wear it.



For this “whatever” look, I think of “what jacket do I want to invest in so I can literally throw it on for anything”. So, introducing the most classic bomber jacket. It’s a subtle replacement to your usual black leather jacket. Let’s be honest, if you’re wearing a leather jacket in the middle of summer – you need to re-evaluate your life decisions.

Find a jacket that will become your go-to! Something super simple, versatile, and maybe even something you can layer with in the early Autumn. This can last you for a couple years, without worrying about whether it will go out of style. How many black jackets can you really have? A lot.


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