West Coast Story: Day 17

And just like that…I’m back!

17 days, 4 plane rides, and 2 countries. Not the craziest adventure I’ve ever been on, but one of the best breaks from my current reality in Toronto. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, sometimes we need time to reflect and physical remove ourselves from a situation to get a clear mind on everything going on in our life. Sure, staycations are great and necessary to recharge – but when you are physically unavailable or present, so much can change.

This trip itself was filled with its own highs and lows. Every time I fly back to Vancouver, I gain a greater level of respect and appreciation for my family and (true) friends. As we each grow older and change throughout the years (and even each day), we go through these moments of re-prioritizing our life because we have to. We need to be constantly adjusting who we are and our goals, otherwise you trap yourself into this circle of repetition or unchallenging situations.

I am genuinely excited to be heading back to Toronto. 17 days, in some respects, is a long time to be away from “home”. You want a break from reality, but not completely FALL OUT of reality. Although similar, there is a distinct difference between the two.

If there is anything I take away from this trip, it’s the fact that I NEED to travel MORE and OFTEN! Although my bank account may not agree, I definitely have the travel bug, and have since I was young. More recently, I have realized that I am young and have very few (major) responsibilities holding me back from this love to travel. So, why not? The world is here for us to discover and explore, so why stay in one place forever? Easier said than done, but I am making it my goal to make this desire and dream into a reality (soon)!




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