W3W: Crop Tops

Tis the season! As the first week of July comes to an end, Summer ’16 has officially begun. What better way to commemorate this moment then to discuss the biggest looks that just keeps on coming back no matter the season.

Your opinion on this style of clothing will most likely differ depending on your lifestyle, body type, and overall self-confidence. Personally, this style irks me. I have a love-hate relationship with the look. I get why it’s so popular and “easy” to wear – but after that extra slice of pizza, I just rather not.

Nevertheless, since the trend has yet to die, I might as well talk about it.

**Disclosure: I apologize in advance, as I am currently travelling and don’t have access to my full closet. So I have pulled some photos and inspiration from the internet that I think would be great for this week’s W3W topic 🙂


You may be thinking, what do you mean during the weekday? I could NEVER wear a crop top in the office! Well think again. With so many different styles of dress pants, this could actually allow you to wear that nice (cropped) blouse to the office!

If you own a pair of high-waited dress pants (a must if you don’t), then don’t be afraid to pair these together. The higher rise allows you to wear a shorter shirt, without having to tuck anything in and prevents any unwanted mid-drift from showing. I actually love this look as it is definitely something appropriate in the office, but can also easily be worn for drinks after work. Not to mention, can be flattering on most body types! Universal looks are always a win for me!



For this week’s weekend style look, I’m going to focus on the signature “going out” look. For some reason, girls have this automatic tendency to gravitate towards cropped tops whenever they hear the word “clubbing” or “bar”. We’re all guilty of it, and you should have no shame about it. But there is a classy way of doing it, and well…not.

On those rare nights where we prefer to class it up a bit, I suggest a simple high-waisted pair of denim or skirt. I guess you could say that I believe less is more, but you can still play up those assts by wearing both a fitted top and bottom. Unlike the Weekday look, where I prefer something a bit more forgiving.



Since it is the summer, I thought it would be fitting to discuss HOT weather attire. This past week, I travelled to Mexico and it was blistering hot EVERYDAY! But what do you do on days like this? On those days were you rather be walking around naked because every step just oozes sweat, go ahead and rock that graphic or anxiously printed crop top! Pair this with a cute pair of cut offs and sneakers and you got a classic look without looking (too much) like a child. To spice up the outfit, throw on a cute bomber or jean jacket for the cooler evenings.


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