West Coast Story: Day 6

Time is just flying by!

Once again, I find myself writing this post on a plane – this time headed south to Mexico 🙂 SURPRISE!

It’s funny, because this vacation was originally planned for my brother’s “grad vacation”, but when he refused (teenagers…) I thought, why not? Might as well go since I’m already away. So here I am, travelling for a week away just me and my mom.


We are more or less similar in certain personality traits – this usually backfires, as one of these traits happen to be stubbornness. Nevertheless, I hardly spend time with family so I am quite excited for this mini vacation, within a vacation.

I haven’t really travelled anywhere since my own grad year – with the strict schedule of school and work, I have just never found the time to go anywhere besides Vancouver. In all honestly, with these kinds of vacations, I only have 1 goal = to be as tanned as possible. I know, I’ll probably get a lot of hate for lying in the sun, but it’s the truth.

This vacation could not come at any better time. These past few months have been a rollercoaster of change; many closed doors and new beginnings. To this day, I do not have my life in balance – I definitely still feel out of control of a lot of aspects, but this time away should help me reflect in an environment completely outside of the norm. Sometimes we all need that. A place of reflection or just a change of atmosphere to allow ourselves to think clearly. If not, well at least I’ll get some tanning time.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Side note: Mexico is a family vacation destination and this plane ride supports that theory. Also, Air Canada Rouge…where are you TV screens? Where are your fans? How come your overhead bins are so small? I have so many questions!

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