West Coast Story: Day 4

Today was the day! My little brother officially graduated High School!

This environment brought back so many memories – I cannot believe that 3 short years ago, I too met up with the rest of my graduating class at the Chan Centre at UBC. Here, my friends and I took pictures, reluctantly stood in line, and sat through a 3 hours ceremony cheering on peers as they crossed the stage. This honestly is a blur in my memory. High School itself flew by, and I wish I spent more time enjoying the memories and short-lived friendships. There is no way I’d go back – but there is a lot I wish I knew. Like how to let go of the little things, take more risks, and just enjoy the moments of teenage youth.


As we celebrated my brother crossing that exact same stage, this was the wave of memories that flew through my mind. I was so happy to see him finish these past 5 years. He has gone through a lot, and has definitely matured into someone I wish I was 3 years ago. I look up to him as much as he (hopefully) looks up to me!

As mentioned previously, this day was the biggest reason for my specific return to Vancouver. As you can tell by my lack of posts, I have done little to nothing. This always happens – I tell myself I am going to be more adventurous and explore Vancouver, but that rarely happens. I guess it’s more of a “relaxing” vacation. You get lazy when you live back at home because everything is back to your “comfort zone” and work gets put on the back burner. As much as I am still working from afar, your mental willpower is tested.

Overall, I could not be more proud and excited for the upcoming stage in my brother’s life! I can’t wait to make new memories and share new experiences with him as he continues to take this path – wherever that may be 🙂

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