Wear 3 Ways

“Fashion is what you buy, but style is what you do with it.” – Unknown.

I recently found this quote and I can honestly say I was blown away. The simplicity, but truthfulness of these words made me upset I didn’t think of it first. It sums up the reality of how fashion is presented in society, while emphasizing what it really should be: uniqueness and self-love.

I do not have an abundant amount of clothes, but I do have enough where half my closet does not get touched…EVER. To put it into perspective, I moved across the country 3 years ago, I have moved apartments 4 times, and I still own items that I have not worn ONCE. Why can’t I just throw it away or donate it? Some call it hoarding…I call it my “just in case I need it one day” pile.

We all have this emergency pile. Where we think this impulse buy of a yellow neon crop top with lace trim, will one day be cool or needed for a themed party. NOT LIKELY. Keep telling this to yourself for a few years and you’ll end up where I am. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. Not all of us have the financial ability to binge out our closets and immediately replace it with new items. Welcome to the student budget lifestyle.

An outfit can completely change your mood, or be a key indicator of how you’re going to feel for the rest of the day. On numerous occasions, I have left my apartment wearing something I instantly regretted and it bugged me the entire day. Call me shallow or narrow minded, but I can’t change the truth.

That being said, I strongly believe that you can style the items you already have into a variety of outfits, so it doesn’t look like you’ve worn the same shirt 3 times that week already.

3 times you say…that’s a lot! Yes I know, but why would you invest in something (expensive or not) that was for one-time use? We’ve all done it and it’s not the best feeling.

Think of the classic show “What Not to Wear”, only a bit more relatable and less humiliating. This inspired me to share my personal style and opinion on how to style anything 3 ways so you can think less, and wear more 🙂

P.S – The first official post will be up tomorrow as the sun has gone down, and so has my ability to take good pictures. What are some of your favourite pieces? Need inspiration? Stay tuned!

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