If you’ve never had roommates, consider yourself a lucky breed and should feel thankful.

Whether it be living with your best friend(s), someone you met through school / work, or that random person you met after posting an ad on craigslist…the stages of having a roommate are pretty similar.

Anyone that has ever had roommates has at least ONE story or complaint. If not, it’s probably because YOU are the story or complaint. Let’s be real.

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Best Part: We had a beautiful view

Two years ago, I embarked on this lifestyle that would soon fill me with unnecessary stress and some of the most mentally frustrating months of my life. I admit, I was not the best roommate myself, but in the moment I could never see myself in the wrong because no one likes to admit to be at fault. Despite all the complaints, I have no regrets as I believe this experience was extremely eye-opening in getting to understand the personalities of different people; as well got to know myself on a new level. If you’re feeling adventurous, I highly recommend this (chaos) to any young adult.

Keep in mind, this only lasted about 10 months, and I was OUT. I lived in a 2+ Den with 2 other girls and here is how I would quickly re-iterate this magically time…

Pre-Move In:

“Wow! I am so excited, but also anxious! I feel like a real adult…in the hunt for my first apartment with some (random) girls I met during my first year of university. I can’t wait for us to be best friends!”


“I’ll take the cheapest room because I’m a student that needs to support myself and I have other priorities. This place is nice! A solid 2+ Den. Wait, this den has no windows or lights. Okay…I mean, a bed will fit in here…but there’s no lock? This is happening so fast. I don’t even know your favourite type of music or movie? Is this a good idea? Oh okay, here are the lease papers. I guess we’re doing this. I mean I don’t want to be homeless in a few weeks…oh it’s signed! That’s my signature! Yay?!? So about that window situation…”


This was my room…my ENTIRE room

Summer ’14:

(We had 1 girl sublet from an original girl during the first 4 months of the rent)

“Oh hi! You’re nice, this will be a great time. I can’t wait for the 3 of us to bond all summer”

(A couple weeks later)

“Nope…I don’t like this. This best friend idea quickly disappeared. Oh, you guys want to have parties until 4am in our common space? Umm, I didn’t sign up for this. You need to stop. I’m just going to stay in my room from now on.”

Back to School:

“Okay, starting fresh. Let’s do this! Oh no…2 against 1, that’s cool. I’ll be the odd person out, I love a challenge. Just kidding, this is exhausting. More parties? This bathroom is DISGUSTING! Did you seriously just eat my food? Fine. But guess whose going to be eating your food when you’re not home…maybe. WHAT HAPPENED?! You two will have to pay for these damages, I wasn’t even home! When is winter break…

“Great. I’m back. I wonder if they know I am (low-key) researching new apartments even before the lease is up. A roommate talk? That went well. I’m glad nothing got resolved. Can we go back to our own separate lives now?”

So…next year?

“Hell no. But let me go look at other apartments before I say anything. I would like some stability in my life. Wow, 1 bedroom apartments are double my current rent. This bachelor is basically the same price. Why is living downtown so unaffordable? **Looks back at apartment with roommates** I don’t care, I need to leave.


“YES! The day I have long been waiting for. Freedom! Wait…I’m paying double now? Umm…no, ah no this is good. I will be free, but just have to work more. That’s manageable, right? This is worth it, right?”


Flash forward 2 years and here I am today. Still questioning if life is manageable, and if it is worth throwing money away in rent. It is an expensive price tag and commitment to live downtown in any major city…but that could be a whole new blog post. In the end, it definitely pushed me as a person and I felt like it was a great stepping stone to the reality of adulthood. Would I do it again? Nope. It’s one of those 1 time use coupons where once it’s cashed in and done, it’s gone.

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  1. corinajoy89 says:

    Haha reminds me of the struggle I went through also, moved out of about 4 places till I finally found one I liked and the people are actually now some of my best friends ☺️ Great post!!


    1. kaitlynuy says:

      Aw that’s amazing, I’m glad it worked out! I don’t think I have enough patience as you 🙈

      Liked by 1 person

  2. corinajoy89 says:

    when i used to visit home my brothers told me it was a right of passage lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My ex roommate basically threatened and scared us into locking ourselves inside our room all the time. If he was in the kitchen, I wouldn’t dare step out until I’ve heard that he’s left the apartment or gone back into his room. Not a nice experience AT ALL.

    Trust, I have more than just ONE complaint about him. An entire blog dedicated to just ranting about him as a matter of fact.


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