How are you feeling today?

They ask, “How are you feeling today?” We answer, “Not bad, just tired.”

As if it has been embedded into our vocabulary…fatigue is the new norm.

We don’t even question it anymore, nor do we acknowledge it. Our generation has become a strange mix of working some of the longest hours, but consisting of some of the laziest people. What does this mean, and how come this is happening?


Society likes to point fingers at my generation, the Millennial’s, to be the cause of this absurd work habit and decline in productivity. But, all biases aside, I STRONGLY argue against this! There is no way, that during this time of huge innovation advances, quick turn around in technology and products, are WE to be blamed for the lack of work ethic. There are so many articles you can find online that will argue both for and against this assumption. But I am here to tell you we are ALL to blame. Maybe.

I do not believe that we are always using the word tired properly. We are tired of our current situation, not because our actually mental well-being. If we are the generation filled with the most potential and greatest challenges, this should fuel us for future success and excitement. But, in this world, the word “tired” doesn’t exist.

giphy (3)

The excuse of being “tired” has become known as a filler word that is used to brush off situations, people, and to avoid the truth. Sure, we get tired once in awhile, but no way can you be tired 24/7. We become tired because we are not doing anything that MOTIVATES us. When you love what you do, have a passion for something, or are working towards a certain goal – you barely hear the word “tired’ when someone talks about their current state of mind.

We go to bed tired, we wake up tired. Why and how is this possible you may ask? The demands from keeping up with the most innovative people are increasing at a rapid pace. Even more, if you want TO BE one of these innovative people, you need to exert so much more additional energy just to get ahead of the pack. Think of it like running a marathon. Sure, you start off as an equally clumped group of people, but over time, the space between people begin to grow. Eventually separating those who are here for the competition and for success, while others are doing it simply to finish. Who are you going to be?

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