#UyintheCity: Coffee Edition


To be clear…I am by no means a coffee expert, but I do have a strong love (and need) for my daily caffeine fix! It has gotten to the point where if I don’t get coffee by the mid-morning, I begin to get headaches, and let’s just say, no one needs to witness that version of me…

Starbucks is my usual go-to place when I’m on my way to work or class, where I can rely on getting a solid cup at a reasonable price. The thing I appreciate about Starbucks is their ability to show up on every other corner of major streets. Yes it can be annoying – but with that kind of real estate and marketing, how can you not think of Starbucks when you’re running low on energy?

Although Starbucks will probably always be my reliable source of caffeine found globally, there are SO MANY amazing small cafes and brands that can be found locally that need to be talked about. Here are only a few of my favourites in (downtown) Toronto…



(Yes, I know I’ve used a similar picture before, but now you know where I am!)

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This popular place is located in a very central downtown location that will satisfy those working in the financial district, university students, and tourists alike. With their fine attention to detail, it’s hard to not fall in love with the aesthetics and amazing service. Seating is available, but I always have trouble finding a seat. It tends to be busy at all times of the day and tables are positioned very close together. Overall, it’s a great place for a new Instagram picture and to feel more posh than you actually are.




Quantum is a fairly new establishment, but has already built up a great reputation in its neighbourhood! Located on the corner of King and Spadina, the place can be seen busy from morning to close. What is interesting about this place is the ability to book the back half of the space, either for private events, workshops, or large meetings! The vibes inside are super modern, sleek, and the people are super welcoming. How can you go wrong?



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Let the Justin Bieber song references begin. In all seriousness, this small space does not disappoint! Sorry Coffee Co was created and is a part of the brand Kit and Ace; which is also a brand founded by the former lead designer of Lululemon. If that doesn’t give you a visual for the vibe of the place – I’m not sure what will. The minimalistic layout is perfect for their location in Yorkville. Kit and Ace focuses on comfort, technicalities, and “full contact life”; Sorry Coffee Co is no different.




This is the new NEW must try place in the city! (So new, that they don’t even have a website up yet!) This place is breaking into the competitive industry by providing unique innovations and technology to the world of  coffee. Their cup design alone is super trendy, without trying too hard kind of way. Calling all hipsters? The place carries a variety of goodies, cold-pressed juice (by Village Juicery), and delicious coffee to satisfy any city-goer. The store is located right on Queen Street West, so it’s ideal for anyone working or shopping nearby.

After writing this list, I can already think of a handful more I missed (and want to share)! But we’ll save that for another time and place. If you have any suggestions of where I should visit next, let me know! I love discovering all these (new and old) hidden gems across the city 🙂

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