the PERFECT content

“Everyone is so worried about putting out the perfect content.” – Gary Vaynerchuck.

Recently, this is something I saw on one of Gary’s snapchat stories and is the true inspiration for this post.


Right now, I am specifically talking about personal content, and not those done by companies or big conglomerates.

Not everything will be a success or failure, but you will never know if you don’t try. It is not always about pleasing others, but rather sharing what you have to offer to the world and allowing it to be accepted (or not) by those exposed to it. We have become so obsessed and consumed about what other people think that we forget about ourselves in the process. We let others, including society and the media, to subconsciously control our mental process and decision making because we are so concerned with how we are going to be perceived by others. But why not just do it for yourself?

I guess this whole concept of perfectionism hit home for me because of this blog. The idea of exposing personal thoughts and experiences can be intimidating. Hence, I hold back from sharing some content because I care about the audience’s opinion…but what about my own?Most of us have this irritating little voice in the back of our minds that question our desires. Why is that voice there? If everything is so carefully calculated, are we even human anymore?  We are no longer in control of our thoughts, but rather re-assess our environment, audience, and society to put forth the best content possible.

Personally, before I post anything, my content gets brutally analyzed and scrutinized that I believe it is starting to restrict my creative process. It limits the ability and freedom to truly attempt to express. For this particular post, I spent one late evening throwing out all my thoughts about content because this is what was intriguing me at the time. Of course, changes needed to be made and sentences need to be clear…but this is what makes the difference; raw thoughts versus forced ideas.

So why am I afraid to just put out the (unedited, less thought out) content? It’s not perfect. I would hate to be seen with imperfections because that isn’t accepted in society as being elite or prestigious. Instead, I become like everyone else. We have become so self-conscious in this digital world that we have become actors playing a certain portrayal of who we are…and what we want to be perceived as. Rather than accepting ourselves in society, we are moulding ourselves to fit it. We are filtering the way we are to become this perfectly articulated being that does not really exist.

We end up convincing ourselves that in order to achieve happiness, we need to receive gratification or attention from random individuals that hold no purpose or significance in our lives. In fact, this restricts us from what we really ought to be doing; to be pleasing ourselves and taking attention to those that truly matter to us. But no. Instead, we see that those individuals that have no name, are the ones we are serving. Those are the ones that hold the true power. WHY? We are all victims of self-absorbed behaviour that trigger our ego and crave that invisible pat on the back.

In our digital life, we are a highly calculated beings that monitor our every move. Not only ourselves, but of our social circle. We include ourselves in certain things to gain followers, appeal, popularity, in hopes to obtaining this high moral status. But we can never obtain maximum satisfaction because we are constantly seeking for something more.

This is the craziness of the word PERFECT. It is something rarely seen, yet highly sought after. In specific to content, it is nearly impossible to achieve absolute perfection. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. Jessica Gosio says:

    This is my favorite post! Really hit home 🙂


    1. kaitlynuy says:

      Aw thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed it 🙂


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